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Better Burger Society is a partnership of European premium burger companies. Our aim is to build the leading company of in the fast-growing European premium burger segment.

We consist of local companies that operate with a leading local brand. We appreciate local origin of fresh ingredients, approachable and fast service concept, and obviously high-quality burgers. Our mind is entrepreneurial, and we respect all the colleagues we work with.

To support the local burger brands, we seek cross-country synergies in digitalization, marketing concepts, indirect procurement, product development and operating model.

Better Burger Society is owned by a leading North European restaurant operator NoHo Partners, private equity investor Intera Partners, and management & founders.


Friends & Brgrs

Friends & Brgrs story began in 2014 in the small town of Pietarsaari. Six burger-loving friends decided to open up a restaurant of their own, creating quickly grown chain of 28 restaurants and counting.

Fresh tastes best, which is why we bake our own buns in the restaurant, every day. It’s also why we ground our own beef, make our fries from fresh potatoes, and prepare our own sauces from scratch.

We work with carefully selected suppliers that we know and trust. We use more than 95% Finnish ingredients.

There are easier ways to make burgers and fries, but not better.

Holy Cow!

From its humble beginnings in Lausanne and after a decade of national growth and development, Holy Cow! has remained true to its philosophy: Swissness, swiss taste, and swiss made are an integral part of Holy Cow! DNA.

Holy Cow! strives to source as much as possible from local Swiss producers to offer our clients the freshest and tastiest burgers on the market. All of our ingredients (meat, bread, potatoes, salad) are locally sourced and produced in Switzerland.

Supply routes are short to minimize out carbon footprint and to maintain the freshness of our products without the use of preservatives. We strive to buy at least one product from each canton to bring all of Switzerland into our burgers.


Main owners of BBS are NoHo Partners Plc and a private equity fund of Intera Partners Oy.

NoHo Partners Plc is a Finnish restaurant group behind approximately 300 restaurants, bars, pubs, nightclubs and entertainment venues. The name derives from the words ‘Nordic Hospitality Partners’, which communicate the key goals, opportunities and strengths of the Group. NoHo has been founded in 1996 and has been listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange since 2013. More information on NoHo you can find on their website.

Intera is a private equity firm focused on the growth and internationalization of Finnish and Swedish companies. It was founded in 2007. More information on Intera you can find on their website.